I just got back from the No Fluff Just Stuff show in St Louis, where I gave my "Why the Next Five Years Will Be About Programming Languages" keynote, and a fellow speaker emailed me to point out the Code To Joy blog, which says some things that were... um... well, rather than try and select an adjective, I'll let you look for yourself:

Ted Neward talked about how the next 5 years will be about languages. (Fellow speaker Alex Miller has a post which contains a link to a similar talk and some of his own commentary).

Ted's thesis was that the Big Runtimes (the JVM and CLR) act as a bridge between the academic language lawyers and the problem solvers in the field: the academics can experiment with language syntax and exotic semantics; the problem solvers can use these languages and rely on the venerable runtime libraries to get things done.

I enjoyed the talk thoroughly. Ted paced to-and-fro like a giant cat: if NFJS is Narnia, then Ted is Aslan, except very hungry, and with a mild-case of rabies. Many good jabs toward, well, everybody. He's an equal-opportunity offender (and a big softie underneath it all.)

A giant cat. A very hungry giant cat. A very hungry giant cat with a mild case of rabies.

*sniff* It's like I can retire now. *sniff* I'd like to thank the Academy, and my parents, and ... :-)