Where've you been, Ted?

Some of the blog readers have emailed me asking about the long silence; a few have even asked if I was injured by one of the flying rotten tomatoes that came with the Vietnam post. No, I've just been traveling a lot, doing a bunch of conferences, with more coming up, like JAOO and DevReach (a new show that's opening in Sofia, Bulgaria, and one that I'm really looking forward to). In fact, for any of those of you who are in the Bulgaria area in a couple of weeks, DevReach is offering a pretty interesting raffle gift, a trip to visit Microsoft Research in Redmond; even if you don't win the prize, though, the Microsoft Research site is still pretty cool to visit.

In other news, I have new digs for my .NET training; yes, some of you had already read this elsewhere, but I'll say it here: I'm very glad to now be a part of the crew at Pluralsight, and I'm looking forward to doing Workflow, WCF, and Architecture classes for them, among others. It's a privilege and honor to be among guys this bright and this articulate, and once again I'm just happy at being a part of a group that will continue to keep me on my toes for a long time to come.

Meanwhile, I do plan on blogging again soon, but probably not until I'm done with my current travel set (eight cities, four countries, two continents, six weeks) and have some time to breathe again.