Watching a friend's career die a short, horrific, painful death

Normally, I don't go for the chain-email thing, but recently someone who claims to be a friend of mine sent me this email:

The first episode of my Millahseconds weekly geek comedy podcast has been published. Details are here And you can download/subscribe here. Best Regards, Mark Miller
Now, as I say, I normally don't go in for this sort of shameless self-promotion (at least, on the part of other people, anyway), but his email contained one segment that made me rethink my position:
IMPORTANT: To help promote this, Ive employed the services of a crazy old voodoo gypsy woman named Moombassa. To avoid the Millahseconds Curse (which manifests itself as a rather itchy rash in areas you dont even want to know about), it is essential that you tell absolutely everyone you know about Millahseconds. In doing so, Moombassa says the curse will be lifted from you and passed onto your friends (awesome, eh?). And dont worry, that itching should go away in a few days.
Not that I'm suffering from any itchy rash in areas I don't... er, didn't... want to know about. No, sirreee, not me. This is just a... general rethinking of my position on forwarding selected emails. That's all. Really.

(Good luck, Mark, and for those of you who've never heard Mr. Miller on a comedic rant, you owe it to yourself to have a listen, both to tihs, and to Mondays. Oh, and be sure to have handy a spare pair of underwear--Mark's been known to make people laugh so hard I soiled mine... er, I mean, they soil theirs. It's some brutally wicked geek comedy.)