Victoria .NET User Group topic

As Joel before me, I'm going to be in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, on April 4th to present at the Victoria .NET Developers Association, and as usual, the topic of what to present has come up.

Normally, this is a subject that the user group lead and I sort of hash out in private beforehand, but in this case, Nolan Zak (the user group lead) suggested I post here and call for suggestions. So, here's a list of topics I can present on, send me your thoughts.

  1. Pragmatic XML Services: you know about SOA, you've heard the Four Tenets.... now what?
  2. Intro to WCF: All you need to know about Microsoft's latest communication stack.
  3. Web Services: Overview of the specs, the stacks, and the standards. What's critical, what's useful, what's vendor hype and fluff.
  4. C# 3/LINQ: What's in their heads for C# v.Next
  5. (Or suggest your own idea.)
(I won't promise to take the most heavily-voted suggestion, but it'll weigh in pretty heavily. So no racketeering with the other members to rope me into speaking on FoxPro or something. ;-) )