Top Developer Resources?

While going through some spam email (well, technically not spam, since I willingly signed up for the ads/product-centric-newsletters, but that is just a mouthful to say), I ran across the App Design Vault 32 Top Resources Mobile App Developers Should Know About list, and had a look. I was somewhat disappointed at the fact that they were all iOS resources, leaving the Android and Windows Phone crowd out in the cold, not to mention Java, .NET, Ruby, and others shivering on the back porch as well.

So, I figured, why not build one that seeks to be a tad more all-encompassing? And rather than try and impose my own sense of order upon the world, and limit it to my own experiences, I choose instead to crowdsource the thing, and let you tell me what you think the top developer resources are.

Because these things have to have some kind of structure, in order to effectively collate all the resources that will be thrown at me, I’m going to ask that you

  • Limit your list to five resources. The final list will likely (I hope) contain a lot more, but if you just give me the top five resources you think are invaluable to you as a developer, it’ll make the list more well-considered and pare it down to just the essential stuff you think about.
  • Keep the lists somewhat tech-focused. Not in the sense that I don’t want to know about agile resources and what-not, but that I want to hear what your top .NET five are, your top Java five, and so on. Of course, if you really want to just come up with one list across several platforms or categories, go for it. Yours is the comment box, after all. :-)

And if you work for a company or you own a product, please feel free to nominate your tool of choice… so long as there are four others that go along with your baby. Fair is fair, after all. ;-)

And yes, for those who are curious, I will of course inject my own into the list, but I just had this thought latch into my head a few minutes ago, and haven’t compiled my own list yet, so I need a little time to think about it, too.

Roughly speaking, categories that come to mind are: .NET, Java (which I’m assuming to mean mostly enterprise/Java-web kinds of things, but hey, if Swing is your thing, go for it…), Ruby, Web, Game development (any platform), Android, iOS, MacOS, C++ (by which I really mean “any language that compiles to native code”, a la Haskell, C, Delphi, …), and what the hell, PHP. (Perl guys, I’m going to automatically put “Any book teaching some other language” at #1 on your list, just to tweak your nose a bit.) If you have some other categorization, sure, throw that at me, too.

The App Design Vault broke their resources down into a few categories too: Books, Tutorials, Tools, Sites, Forums, Marketing, and Design. Obviously there’s a pretty strong website bias in there (Tutorials, Sites, Forums, Marketing and Design all usually involve websites of one form or another), but feel free to toss in Conferences, Magazines, and whatever else seems useful to you.

Think of it like this: if a programmer writing an app for you were to be stuck on a deserted island with nothing but a laptop and an extremely limited Internet connection, what five things would you want him/her to have with them or access to? (Perhaps more accurately, “a fully-available Internet connection but a very limited amount of time to do anything other than work on your app” is the better way to phrase that...)

And please, no flames or criticism of anybody else’s list. Email ‘em to me, if you’d prefer. (And if you’re reading this through one of the post portals—a la Reddit or DZone—please comment on the original site,, or I probably won’t see your comments.)

Once I have what feels like a sizable list and the suggestions are tapering off, I’ll update this post with the results. No points or awards or endorsements intended—I just want to compile something I think would be useful.