Thoughts on JAOO 2005

Whomever designed the JAOO conference should be knighted by the Queen. Or King. Or whatever it is they have in Denmark (forgive my lack of background on Danish monarchist traditions; disturbing for a former International Relations major and future diplomat, I know, but...).

I've got to admit, I'm rapidly falling in love with the European shows--first JavaZone, then JAOO, not to mention SDC earlier this year, it's really becoming apparent that European shows (despite their reputation to the contrary, apparently, an attitude I completely don't understand) are every bit as interesting and exciting as US ones. In fact, I might go so far as to say they're even better than their US counterparts. I'm not certain exactly why, it's just they seem to have more "character" than the US shows I've been to over the years, the sole exception to that being the NFJS shows and DevTeach (which I think has more of a European flavor to it thanks to its Canadian heritage). Organizers of a show in Bergen, Norway, have invited me to their get-together in Bergen in April, and I'm already looking forward to it, not to mention Javapolis in December. Oh, and now that I think about it, DevWeek is coming up, too. :-)

I don't know if they're worth flying out from the States to go see (not when NFJS brings so much of that same feel to your backyard), but they're definitely fun to speak at, despite the nine-hour or eleven-hour flights from Seattle to Continental Europe. And to those who might suggest that European shows are somehow inferior to US ones... fie! fie! fie on thee!