Ted and Ted at TheServerSide in Barcelona

It's not often that I meet another "Ted" in the world, much less in my own industry. The last one I knew (besides my great-uncle Ted, who unfortunately passed away a number of years ago) was Ted Rallis, a buddy of mine from my college days who was equal parts philosopher and contemplator-of-navel lint and computer scientist (whom I haven't seen in years, if you're out there Mr. Rallis, drop me a line).

I'd heard rumors of an evil twin brother, though. People claimed that they'd met me at other shows, and while I won't claim to remember everybody I've ever met at a conference (much as I'd like to, my memory just isn't that good), I was pretty convinced that at least a percentage of those folks claiming to have met me before were somehow mistaken. Now I'm sure of it.

While at TSSJS 2007 in Barcelona, I met Ted Goddard, the architect of ICEFaces, and damn if we don't look alike. One of his compatriots snapped a photo of the two of us, and Ted blogged it.

Oh, and by the way? If you're using JSF (which a rising number of people appear to be doing, according to the NFJS polls we take during the speaker panel), you should check out the fruit of Ted's labors. I'm no JSF expert, but people I trust tell me it's pretty good stuff....