Struggles with Vista 5270 and VMWare 5.5

So the December CTP of $g{Vista} is available, and I'm finding a recurring problem trying to install it into VMWare. When I tried this with the Beta1 of Vista into VMWare 5.0, the same problem occurs as what I'm getting now: when trying to boot off of the .ISO inside of VMWare (in other words, not physically off a burned CD/DVD, but out of the .ISO image itself mapped into the virtual CD in VMWare), I get a BSOD every... single... time. Is this indicative of a f-ed up installation of my VMWare image, is this a known bug in Vista (sidenote: yes, I know about the raw partition issues with Vista, but doing an XP-first install of Vista gives the same BSOD on reboot), or is it just the combination of ISO-image-and-VMWare? Anybody got ideas for a workaround or a fix?