Starting a new weblog

With this entry, I inaugurate a new weblog, this one devoted to technical issues of all walks and shapes, including but not limited to Java, .NET, C/C++, and Web services, but with a smattering of Ruby, Python, SQL, and just about anything else that happens to cross my path.

Some may wonder why the separation, considering I already had a weblog that a lot of people were subscribed to. The reasons are pretty simple, when you look at it:

  1. A vocal, anonymous collection(?) of people complained about the fact that I was talking about .NET issues and people, yet the blog was subscribed to JavaBlogs. While I find it a short-sighted view, I realized that I really should have category support so as to be able to allow readers to "screen out" the postings they didn't want, which brings me to my next reason.
  2. I'm really tired of my own weblog engine. To put it bluntly, I never really wanted to be in the business of being a blogging provider, yet writing my own engine sort of put me into that space, and I found that, like the proverbial shoemaker's children, I wasn't really spending any energy on bringing it up to speed in feature terms, and, more importantly, I didn't really want to, either. I like writing prose and writing code, but blogging to me was an infrastructure I wanted "to just work", not something I wanted to tinker with. So I decided that I wanted to switch engines.
  3. I've also found myself periodically hestitating from posting something super-personal (such as a spin on politics or history) because so many had subscribed to my blog for its technical content. Since blogs are supposed to be a personal channel, yet since my blog was clearly also serving as a professional/technical channel, it seemed prudent to split my blogging into a professional channel (here), and a personal one (there). (Actually, I'm going to eventually migrate those entries over to this blog, set up redirects, and do all of my personal blogging from the family blog instead.)
  4. The blogging engine had served its original intended purpose--to see if Servlet filters could stand in as Controllers instead of servlets in an MVC scenario--and it was time to close the experiment down and let somebody else handle blogging engine featuritis.

In this case, the engine is dasBlog, which has some righteous features that I already love and some of the best technical support in the world. What's more, I'm hoping that the mail-to-weblog and/or the w.Bloggar or Blogjet support will help me blog more often, since I've often found myself on an airplane without an Internet connection and wanting to blog something. In particular, some of the topics I want to blog on in the coming months:

  • The Vietnam of Computer Science
  • Distributed objects and why "good distributed object model" is a contradiction-in-terms
  • Why the term "Web services" should be deprecated in favor of "XML Services" instead
  • Weighing in on the duck typing vs. strong typing debate

And a few more, besides. As always, I'm reachable via email, and so long as the comment spam doesn't get too bad, via comments here. Thanks for listening, and here's to many more years of interesting blogging commentary.