Sorry, Lispers--no offense intended

I noticed a referrer URL in my logs from a Lisp chat channel, where apparently a collection of Lisp programmers found my dynamic languages blog entry and were a little less than impressed at my Lisp knowledge. Let's make something REALLY clear right now:

I know almost nothing about Lisp. :-)

Seriously, my proposal for giving a talk on Lisp was to be the take of a guy who's a statically-typed guy for a decade who's coming to see Lisp and try to explain its concepts to other statically-typed guys, not as a Lisp expert to other Lisp experts. In fact, I'd love it if those who were on the chat emailed me privately so I can try to understand it better.

In the meantime, though, I do know what I've begun to pick up out of books (my current tome being Practical Common Lisp, from APress) and the various Lispers I've talked to in the past, and I do know (until somebody can prove otherwise) that Lisp has a small set of core primitives from which the remainder of the language is built. If that's not the case, show me otherwise. :-)