Seattle Code Camp: Update

For those in the blogosphere living in the Seattle area, wondering about details on Seattle's Code Camp 2005 experience, the schedule and agenda have been posted. It's looking to be an interesting set of talks, including discussions on MacOS/Cocoa development, Ruby, an Intro to Perl, Monad, Objective C, and LINQ/C# 3... and that's just in the languages/frameworks track.

Observant Blog Ride Readers will note, however, that the sessions page doesn't list anything from me. This is not a snub from the Code Camp HR Department, this is me not being entirely sure what to present on. Got any suggestions or votes? I'm thinking about talking about (in no particular order or preference, and yes, this is totally just "brain dump" ideas, as I want to do something totally experimental for Code Camp and not one of my regular sessions):

  • ECMAScript and/or E4X
  • Lisp
  • Smalltalk (via Squeak and/or Cincomm Smalltalk)
  • the new script engine support inside of JDK 1.6 ("Mustang")
  • C-omega (also sometimes known as Cw)
  • Boo and/or Groovy
  • JRuby and/or Ruby.NET (Ruby-on-VMs)
  • ANTLR and building your own language
  • Reversing malware (the talk I did with my brother-in-law at the Portland Code Camp)
  • Intro to C++/CLI
  • F#
  • Windows internals

Got your own suggestion, maybe based on something loosely related to what I've talked on before? Fire away!