Rotor patch for XP SP2, 2003, FreeBSD 5.2, and Mac OSX 10.3

I asked Jan Kotas, about a patch he'd made for Rotor (SSCLI) to run on XP SP2, Windows 2003, FreeBSD 5.2 and MacOS/X, since the location Joel had blogged about is no longer available--the server has been shut down--and he was gracious enough to send it to me. Figuring that others would like to find the same patch, I'm posting it here (which hopefully isn't in violation of the Shared Source license, email me if you're Microsoft and want me to cease-and-desist). This patch, I believe, is to the last official release of the SSCLI tarball (which you can get from

ssclipatch_20040514.diff.gz (104.21 KB)

By the way, guys, we're all eagerly looking forward to Rotor Whidbey! :-)