Polyglot at Pluralsight

tl;dr My first (!) course is up at Pluralsight: “On Polyglot Programming”.

It’s one of the “Play-by-play” series, in which Rob Conery sits down with a technologist or notable expert (and in this case, he’s sitting down with me—in my living room, in fact) and we talk for a while about a subject of some interest to him (and presumably to you). In this particular case, we went with the subject of “polyglot programming”, why it’s useful, why developers should consider it, and how in a lot of ways it’s already here.

If you’ve heard me talk on the subject at a conference (on a speaker panel or something), you probably won’t hear much more than I’ve said before, but if you’re looking for some interesting conversation around “being polytechnical”, which is my co-opting of the word to mean “many languages, many platforms, many storage engines” (polyglot, polycrepido, and polypraeclusio, to be more accurate about it), have a listen.

Not a Pluralsight subscriber? There’s a free trial. Go on, you know you want to… grin