Off-topic: Acquaintance seeking a J2EE expert with familiarity in other languages/environments

I've been contacted by a third party (not a recruiting agency) who's having a hard time finding a J2EE architect with familiarity/expertise with concepts of architecture and the low-level chops not to lose sight of the code. To put it in their words:

This is strongly influenced by component-based methodologies such as OpenDoc, but would be extending the RCP Platform developed by Eclipse, and encompassing other concepts from systems such as Squeak... We are having trouble finding someone senior enough to understand the conceptual architectural issues, but technical enough to know important lower-level details such as how design choices will effect performance and scalability.
I'd take the job myself, but they have a very specific dealbreaker requirement: you must live in the Northern California area. If you're one of those guys who knows the list of technologies in the J2EE platform, has used all of them at least once or twice, and still reads the Lamba-the-Ultimate blog, drop me a note and I'll put you in touch.

By the way, DON'T send me your resumes--in your email to me, tell me what your favorite alternative language or platform is, and why. I'll use that to know if you're somewhere in the ballpark. ;-)

And no, job postings are NOT going to become a regular part of this blog; I'm doing this as a once-off. (My motivation? I just want to help these guys; this isn't an easy requirement to fill, and I'm hoping I get to meet whomever it is they end up selecting, 'cuz I'm thinking they'll be a kindred spirit. :-) )

Update: They sent me a formal job description, and it seems the desires changed just a bit. *shrug* See for yourself:

A lead software architect for [[name snipped]]. Applicant must be able to take a high level conceptual framework and architect a conceptually sound implementation using open standards in collaboration with an existing team. Experience with Java, Eclipse, and the Rich Client Platform (RCP) sub-project in Eclipse is a significant advantage. Experience with Aspect Oriented Programming is a plus. Participation in the open standards community a plus (e.g. W3C and Eclipse standards communities). Five or more years of experience required with experience as a lead software architect, industry experience preferred. Opening is for a full-time onsite position.
Doesn't sound like they want too much, ya? :-)