Nice little montage from JDD08

Last year I had the opportunity to return to the land of my roots, Poland, and speak at Java Developer Days (JDD). Just today, the organizers from JDD sent me a link with a nice little photo montage from the conference. (I did notice a few photos from the after-party were selectively left out of the montage, however, which is probably a good thing because that was the first time I'd ever met a Polish Mad Dog, and boy did they all go down easy...)

If you're anywhere in the area around Krakow in March, you definitely should swing by for their follow-up conference, 4Developers--it sounds like it's going to be another fun event, and this time it's going to reach out to more than just the Java folks, but also the .NET crowd (and a few others), as well.

(I don't really expect any of the readers of this blog living outside Poland to really pack up and head over to Krakow for a weekend, mind you, but if you're a technology speaker and you're interested in hanging with an extremely good group of people, the people who put these shows on--ProIdea--are top-notch, take great care of the speakers, and overall make the entire experience well worth the trip.)