New Ajax course available

The Pragmatic guys are at it again... This time it's a whole course, taught by two of the finest instructors I have had the privilege to know (and, quite honestly, argue with), on everybody's favorite presentation-layer hot topic, Ajax.

By the way, dear audience, this is one class you can attend regardless of which camp you prefer--both Stu and Justin are equally adept on both enterprise platforms (Java and .NET) and the new hot language, as is clear when they say that they will show you how "to use frameworks such as Rails, Spring, and ASP.NET"; Justin, for example, co-authored "Better, Faster, Lighter Java" and the "Spring Developer's Handbook", as well as built DevelopMentor's ASP.NET website and infrastructure. Stu was one of the COM cognoscenti back in the day (his poems on the subject (towards the bottom, search for Stu) are legend), and then took over as Java curriculum lead when DevelopMentor... well, created a Java curriculum. Two brighter guys--and better instructors--you're not likely to meet.

Oh, and, uh, they seem to know a fair amount about Ajax, too. ;-) Enough that I'd attend the course, were I not already busy that week.... Do yourself the favor, if you want to know more about Ajax, go see them. I can think of a lot worse ways to spend a grand in cash and 3 days...