My interview with Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter from JavaPolis 2005 is now live

There are a few things, I've found, that are fun about being a speaker and general rabble-rouser, but none of them are nearly as much fun as when I get an opportunity to interview industry icons and ask them all my questions on camera. :-) In this case, while at JavaPolis2005, my victims were the well-known pair Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter, who, more than anyone else in the world, are most directly responsible for the language features that came in Java5. I tried to keep the interview pleasant and friendly, but I did ask the questions that've bothered me for a while, like "Why did generics end up the way they did?", "Is Java too complicated and hard to use now?" and "What are you doing at Google these days, anyway?"

Online (registration required) at the JavaPolis2005 site. Keep an eye on the site for the other interviews Dion did, as well as one more I did with Brian Goetz, who's got a GREAT book on Java Concurrency coming out in 2006.