Multiparadigmatic C#

Back in June of last year, at TechEd 2010, the guys at DeepFriedBytes were kind enough to offer me a podcasting stage from which to explain exactly what “multiparadigmatic” meant, why I’d felt the need to turn it into a full-day tutorial at TechEd, and more importantly, why .NET developers needed to know not only what it meant but how it influences software design. They published that show, and it’s now out there for all the world to have a listen.

For those of you who didn’t catch the tutorial pre-con at TechEd, by the way, I’ve since had the opportunity to write about it as a series in MSDN magazine as part of my “Working Programmer” column. First piece is from the September 2010 issue, and continues through this year’s articles (I’ve got one or two more yet to write, so it’ll probably turn out to be about 12 pieces in total).

To those hanging out in the JVM-based world, there’s still a lot to be gleaned from the discussion, particularly if you’re using one of the “alternative” languages on the JVM (a la Groovy or Scala), so have a listen.

On the subject of good timing, there’s a section in there in which I describe the #ChezNeward party during the MVP Summit, and the work that “my three wives” go through to pull it off. Required listening if you’re looking to get in this year. ;-)

And yes, multiparadigmatic is a word, and yes, it is the longest word I’ve ever used in a talk title. :-)