More PDC 2008 bits exploration: VisualStudio_2010

Having created a Window7 VMWare image (which I then later cloned and installed the Windows7 SDK into, successfully, wahoo!), I turned to the Visual Studio 2010 bits they provided on the hard drive. Not surprisingly, though a bit frustratingly, they didn't give us an install image that I could put into a VMWare image of my own creation, but instead gave us a VPC with everything pre-installed in it.

I know that Microsoft prefers to promote its own products, and that it's probably a bit much to ask them to provide both a VMWare image and a VirtualPC image for these kind of pre-alpha things, but it's a bit of a pain considering that Virtual PC doesn't run anymore on the Mac, that I'm aware of. Please, Microsoft, a lot of .NET devs are carrying around MacBookPro machines these days, and if you're really focused on trying to get bits in the hands of developers, it would be quite the bold move to provide a VMWare image right next to the VPC image. Particularly since over half the drive was unused.

So... I don't want to have to carry around a PC (though I do at the moment) just to run VirtualPC just to be able to explore VS 2010, but fortunately VMWare provides a Converter application that can take a VPC image and flip it over to a VMWare image. Sounds like a plan. I fire up the Converter, point it at the VPC, and after the world's... slowest... wizard... takes... my... settings... and... begins... I discover that it will take upwards of 3 hours to convert. Dear God.

I decided to go to bed at that point. :-)

When I woke up, the image had been converted successfully, but I wasn't quite finished yet. First of all, fire it up to make sure it runs, which it does without a problem, but at 640x480 in black-and-white mode (no, seriously, it's not much more than that). Install the VMWare Tools, reboot, and...

... the mouse cursor disappears. WTF?!?

Turns out this has been a nagging problem with several versions of VMWare over the years, and I vaguely remember running into the problem the last time I tried to create a Windows Server 2003/2008 image, too. Ugh. Hunting around the Web doesn't reveal an easy solution, but a couple of things do show up a few times: disconnect the CD-ROM, change the mouse pointer acceleration, delete the VMWare Mouse driver and let Windows rediscover the standard PS/2 mouse driver, or change the display hardware acceleration.

Not being really interested in debugging the problem (I know, my chance at making everybody's life better is now forever lost), I decided to take a bit of a shotgun approach to the problem. I explicitly deleted the VMWare Mouse driver, fiddled with the display settings (including resizing it to a more respectable 1400x1050), turned display hardware acceleration down, couldn't find mouse hardware acceleration settings, allowed it to reboot, and...

... yay. I have a mouse pointer again.

Now I have a VS2010 image on my Drive-o'-Virtual-Machines, and with it I plan on exploring the VS2010/C# 4.0/C++ 10/VB 10 bits some more. I fire up Visual Studio 2010, intending to poke around C# 4.0's new "dynamic" keyword and see if and how it builds on top of the DLR (as a few people have suggested in comments in prior posts). VS comes up pretty quickly (not bad for a pre-alpha), the new interface seems snappy, and I create the ubiquitous "ConsoleApplicationX" C# app.

Wait a minute...

Something niggled at the back of my head, and I went back to File | New Project, and ... something's missing.

There's no "Visual F#" tab. There's an item in the "Project types:" box on the left for Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++, WiX, Modeling Projects, Database Projects, Other Project Types, and Test Projects, but no Visual F#. (And no, it doesn't show up under "Other Project Types" either, I checked.) Considering that my understanding was that F# was going to ship with VS 2010, I'm a little puzzled as to its absence. Hopefully this is just a temporary oversight.

In the meantime, I'm off to play with "dynamic" a bit more and see what comes out of it. But guys, please, let's see some F# love out of the box? Surely, if you can ship WiX with it, shipping F# can't be hard?