Microsoft is to Monopolist as Apple is to...

Remember the SAT test and their ridiculous analogy questions? “Apple : Banana as Steak : ???”, where you have to figure out the relationship between the first pair in order to guess what the relationship in the second pair should be? (Of course, the SAT guys give you a multiple-choice answer, whereas I’m leaving it open to your interpretation.)

What triggers today’s blog post is this article that showed up in GeekWire, about how Firefox is accusing Microsoft of anti-competitive behaviors by claiming IE will have an unfair advantage on their new ARM-based machines.

Anderson says the situation has antitrust implications. Microsoft has agreed to abide by a set of principles to maintain a level playing field on Windows for competitors despite the expiration of its consent decree with the U.S. Justice Department.

OK, wait a second here. Last time I checked, there’s another operating system out there that completely and entirely prevents any kind of web browser from being deployed on it, which strikes me as grossly anticompetitive, and yet Mozilla chooses to fire their guns at Microsoft, who is attempting to take a shot at the ARM market?

Seems to me like somebody’s either not getting the point of “anticompetitive”, or else they’re just taking a potshot at the company that everybody loves to hate because it’s an easy shot. If Mozilla is really serious about anticompetitive concerns, they will ask DOJ to investigate Apple’s iOS (that owns, what, 2500% of the tablet market) and AppStore, not Microsoft IE on a market that doesn’t event exist yet.

Otherwise, I call bullshit.