Let the Great Language Wars commence....

As Amanda notes, I’m riding with 46 other folks (and lots of beer) on a bus from Michigan to devLink in Tennessee, as part of sponsoring the show. (I think she got my language preferences just a teensy bit mixed up, though.)

Which brings up a related point, actually: Amanda (of “the great F# T-shirt” fame from TechEd this year) and I are teaming up to do F# In A Nutshell for O’Reilly. The goal is to have a Rough Cut ready (just the language parts) by the time F# goes CTP this summer or fall, so we’re on an accelerated schedule. If you don’t see much from me via the blog for a while, now you know why. :-) Once that’s done, I’m going dark on a Scala book to follow–details to follow when that contract is nailed down.

Meanwhile…. As she suggests, the bus will likely be filled with lots of lively debate. The nice thing about having a technical debate with drunk geeks on a bus traveling down the highway at speed is that it’s actually pretty easy to win the debate, if you really want to:

“You are such an idiot! Object-relashunal mappers are just… burp so cool! Why can’t you see that?”

“Idiot, am I? I demand satisfaction! Step outside, sir!”

“Fine, you–” WHOOSH … THUMP-THUMP….


I’m looking forward to this. :-)

Editor’s note: (Contact Amanda if you’re interested in participating on the devLink bus, not the book. Thanks for the interest, but we aren’t soliciting co-authors. We think we have this one pretty well covered, but we’re always interested in reviewers–for that, you can contact either of us.)