Leopard broke my MacBook Pro's wireless!

So I took the plunge and installed Leopard onto my MacBook Pro tonight, and as of right now, I'm not a happy camper.

The installation started off well enough--pop in the DVD, bring up the installer, double-click, answer a few form fields, then wait as it verifies the DVD, reboots into the CD-launched installer again, answer a few form fields, then sit and read my latest copy of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine while the installation completes. Roughly an hour or so later, it's done, and I have a bright and shiny new Leopard installation on my Mac. Yay.

Software Update tells me there are a few things that need updating--sure, that makes sense, since I think the latest version of Leopard is actually now 10.5.2, so go ahead.

Bad move.

Ever since that update, any attempt to join my home wireless network fails miserably. AirPort can clearly see the network--it discovers the SSID without a problem--but joining it yields no love. The error that shows up in the console log is always this pair:

airportd Error: Apple80211Associated() failed -6

_emUIServer Error: airport MIG failed = -6 ((null) port = 60027)

I've tried several things suggested in the Apple forums, from changing the order of connected systems to put the Airport on the top, to clearing out my list of remembered SSIDs, to turning the AirPort off and back on again, to downloading the TimeMachine upgrade and installing it, even to blowing out the PRAM on boot. Nothing doing.

Tomorrow we make a trip to the Apple Genius Bar to see what those geniuses have to say, but I'm not optimistic. I will update this blog and apologize profusely if I'm wrong, of course, but given the number of unsuccessful support calls that people are lamenting, I'm guessing this will be one of those "Well, if you want to ship it back to the factory, sir, ...." responses, which is NOT an option.

Well... OK, it is an option, given that I do most everything in VMWare images, sure, but the thought of going back to my T42p (with only 1.5GB of RAM on it, compared to the full 4GB on my MBP) is not endearing to me, particularly because Vista has a problem with releasing the USB hard drives that I store most of the VMWare images on....

Somebody please tell me they have an easy fix for this, one which Googling has not yet revealed....

Update: So I took my MBP into the Apple Store... and, naturally, the wireless on the MBP picks up the Apple Store's network just fine. Grrr. Regardless, I had them do an "archive and install" of 10.5.1 onto the machine, and when I got home... perfect! Sees and connects to my home wireless without a hitch. So I'd suggest for those who recently moved up to 10.5.2, try dropping back to 10.5.1 and see if that solves the problem.

Meanwhile, I'll be holding off of doing the 10.5.2 update for a while, I think. Of course, that also means I can't do the iPhone SDK, I think, so I may try the update once more just to see if it'll take this time, and if it doesn't, then off to the Apple Store again for the 10.5.1 re-install again. But at least this time, I'd know what the viable solution is. (I hope....)