Kudos to APress...

So I'm in Borders tonight, looking around, and I happen to see one of APress's latest titles, "Practical OCaml". Several things go through my mind at once:

  1. WOW. OCaml.
  2. A book on OCaml. Not even a "Programming Languages 101" textbook, but a practical one, even.
  3. Like, a book, copywrit this year, on OCaml.
  4. Gotta buy it--not just because it's another of those Dead Languages I like to explore, but because F# is a dead-ringer for OCaml, and I'm really interested in seeing where we can go with F# these days.
  5. Gotta buy it--not only for the F# tie-in, but because Scala comes from that same family of languages, so there's probably some goodness on the Scala thought experiment, too.
  6. You know, come to think of it, this is the third or fourth book on the "Non-Mainstream" languages that APress has done recently. I thought maybe "Practical Common Lisp" was a one-shot, and hey, "Programming Sudoku" isn't a language but definitely a fun title nevertheless, but with "Practical OCaml", maybe Apress is quickly becoming like Morgan-Kaufman, in that they're going after territories that aren't already flooding with ten thousand "Me Too Ruby" books.
  7. And it's not just limited to languages either, come to think of it: they just published a db4o book, and even before then they had the only Lego Mindstorms books for years.
  8. Nice going, Gary.
  9. Hmm.... Wonder if Gary is already has "Practical Scala" under contract...?
Well done, APress. You had me worried there for a while, when you bought up all those Wrox titles (most of which were unadulterated crap, IMHO), but you've restored my faith in you once again. In fact, in my book, you have graduated to an entirely new level of coolness.