Frank Kelly posted some good ideas on his entry, "Java: Are we worrying about the wrong things?", but more interestingly, he suggested (implicitly) a new format for weighing in on trends and such, his "Important/Not-so-important" style. For example,

IMPORTANT: Giving users a good, solid user experience. Web 2.0 doesn't make sites better by itself - it provides powerful technologies but it's no silver bullet. There are so many terrible web sites out there with issues such as
- Too much content / too cluttered
- Too heavy for the many folks still on dial-up
- Inconsistent labeling- etc. (See Jakob Nielsen's site for some great articles )
Sometimes you have to wonder if some web site designers actually care about their intended audience?

I love this format--it helps cut through the B/S and get to the point. Frank, I freely admit that I'm going to steal this idea from you, so I hope you're watching Trackbacks or blog links or whatever. :)