"I'm sorry, sir, those cookies are not for you..."

One of the more interesting logistical problems faced by the people who run the Microsoft Conference Center is that several events are often running in parallel, and each has their own catering provisions--one might get snacks, another may have lunch boxes, and others have full buffet, and so on. Of course, each group will want to make sure their food isn't swiped by people at other events with less-appealing food, so staff members at the Conference Center (literally) stand guard over the snack tables, looking for badges and directing them to the appropriate table as necessary.

This week is no different; during the VSX DevCon, other events have been running, including some internal Microsoft events. And, not surprisingly, the staff are following their directives, turning people away if they're not wearing the VSX DevCon badge.

Even if that guy is Steve Ballmer.

No joke: I watch as Steve Ballmer--meeting with Kevin Turner and other similarly-pedigreed Microsoft management--comes out of his meeting room and heads over to the VSX DevCon table to grab some cookies, only to be turned away by a MSCC staff member. "I'm sorry, sir, those cookies are not for you."

I wonder if George Bush ever gets pulled aside by the TSA?