First Thoughts on VS2008-on-Windows7

This is more a continuation of my earlier Windows7 post, but I've installed the new Windows7 beta into a VMWare Fusion VM with zero difficulties, and I just finished putting VS2008 (and the SP1 patch) on it, then the latest F# CTP on top of that, and so far it all looks pretty smooth. Put in the DDK and the SDK, and I've got a nice Windows7 development image to play with.

I've had a few people ask me if I've still had problems with the mouse, but to be honest I installed it without the driver installed in the VMWare Tools install, so as soon as I copy off the .vmdk and .vmss files to a quiet little corner of the hard drive as backup, I'll try installing the mouse driver to see if it works, and report back here soon.

An open message to the Visual Studio installation team: One thing I'd like to see changed for VS2010--instead of giving me a "cmd.exe" environment for using VS from the command-line, can you at least give me a PowerShell .ps1 shell link to go alongside it? And why does the VS2008 SP1 patch require me to put Visual Studio in the CD tray to reference the vs_setup.msi about halfway through?

Update: Mouse driver works flawlessly. Dunno if it was a bug they fixed, or just random good VM karma, but the entire VMWare Tools package now works perfectly, as far as I can tell. Note: I haven't heard any sound out of it, but sometimes the sound driver in Fusion cuts out for reasons beyond my understanding, and after a reboot, sound is back without a problem. Besides, sound is not as important to me in a work VM as mouse or network, anyway, so....