Ever thought of being a writer?

CoDe Magazine (for whom I do a back-cover editorial every other month) has been running a different kind of column recently, one which has not only been generating some good buzz, but also offers a unique opportunity for those who are interested in maybe dipping their toes into the technical writing game. This message was posted by Markus Eggers, the publisher of CoDe, on several different mailing lists, and he asked me to spread the word out:

As you may know, each issue of CODE Magazine has a PostMortem column, where the author discusses a .NET related project and points out 5 things that went well, and 5 things that didn’t (we call them “challenges” ;-) ). This column has been pretty popular and provides some great visibility for the author and the companies involved in the project.

We are looking for more authors for upcoming issues. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

For more info on PostMortems, check out this writer’s guide:


For an example PostMortem, check out this recent article:


As an added incentive, if you think you have an interesting project that would work well for a PostMortem, but don’t feel like your writing is quite “up to snuff”, feel free to loop me in on the conversation, and at the very least I’ll offer a “pre-editorial review” of the article and offer up some suggestions on how to make it stronger. (But Rod Paddock, CoDe’s editor, is also a pretty good editor, and so you might just submit it to him first to get his take on it.)

In any event, take the shot and see if you’ve got some writing chops in you. :-)