Conference tour: Q4 2005

A couple of people have asked me what my speaking schedule looks like for the next quarter, so, barring any last-minute cancellations or shifts in schedule, here's where I'm going to be over the next few months:

  • Aug 27-28, Cincinnati, Ohio: Southern Ohio Software Symposium, doing my usual raft of $NFJS talks: "The Ten Fallacies of Enterprise Computing", "Effective Enterprise Java: Security", "Introduction to Web Services, 2005 edition", "Java Metadata", and an architecture/end-of-conference open forum
  • Aug 31, Portland, Oregon: Portland Area DotNet User Group, doing a talk on .NET persistence options
  • Sept 14-15, Oslo, Norway: JavaZone, doing talks on "Concrete Services" and "Effective Enterprise Java"
  • Sept 16-18, Chicago, Illinois: Great Lakes Software Symposium, another $NFJS show
  • Sept 20, South Bend, Indiana: Michiana Area DotNet User Group, doing "Intro to WS-2005"
  • Sept 25-30, Arhus, Denmark: JAOO, doing "Passing Messages", "Core Indigo Patterns", "Effective Enterprise Java" and "C# Intro" (for Java developers who haven't picked up the CLR/.NET thing yet)
  • Sept 26-29, Boston, Massachusetts: SD Best Practices (yes, I know this overlaps with JAOO; it's going to be a very interesting travel week for me that week :-) ), speaking on "Passing Messages" and "The Fallacies of Enterprise Systems"
  • Oct 11, Orlando, Florida: VSLive! Orlando, talking on "Hosting ASP.NET"
  • Oct 14-16, Seattle, Washington (my new hometown!): Pacific Northwest Software Symposium, another $NFJS show
  • Oct 28-30, Reston, Virginia: Northern Virginia Software Symposium, another $NFJS show
  • Dec 5, Salt Lake City, Utah: Utah .NET User Group, talking about... er... something interesting (we haven't decided what yet)
  • Dec 13-17, Belgium: Javapolis, though... I'm not sure what I'm speaking on, and I'm not on the wiki (yet?)

And it's entirely possible I've left something out, so if you think I'm speaking at an event near you and I don't have it listed up there... email me? Please? :-)

Update: It looks like I won't be at the $NFJS Calgary show, despite my earlier having committed to it; the travel logistics required to get there are just horrendous. So no, I'm not doing NFJS Calgary, despite what it says there on the website.