Comment etiquette

If you're going to take the time to leave a comment, you obviously want your views to be heard, by either me or the people who read my blog, or both. So, then, take the time to make sure your views--and not just your opinions--are presented in the best light possible. Offer arguments, credible or otherwise. State your reasoning. Explain why your conclusions differ from mine. Don't just write "I don't agree" or something similar to that effect, because several things happen when you do this:

  1. Basically there's nothing for me (or others) to learn from it, so I pretty much ignore the comment.
  2. Because your email is (often) associated with the comment, it sorta makes you look bad.
  3. Worst of all (to me), you let go an opportunity for either or both of us to learn.

This isn't a general ban on comments--I could do that without posting. This is an attempt to point out that if I wanted the conversation to be one-way, I wouldn't leave comments turned on in the first place. This is the best mechanism I know of thus far for you to call me out on my arguments--why waste your time otherwise? :-)