As has already been announced, CodeMash 2012 has selected me to give a keynote there this January. The keynote will be my “Rethinking Enterprise” keynote, which I’ve given before, most recently in Krakow, Poland, at the 33rd Degrees conference, where it was pretty well-received. (Actually, if it’s not too rude to brag a little, I watched an attendee fall out of his chair laughing. That was fun.)

For those of you who’ve not seen it (and I hope that includes all or at least most of the 1200 of you attending CodeMash), the talk is an attempt to offer some advice about how to re-think the design and architecture of applications in this new, NoSQL/REST/1-tier/agile/mobile/etc era that we seem to be facing, particularly since some of the “old rules” (app servers, transactions, etc) seem to be fading fast. But it’s not a traditional path we take to get there, and along the way we find out a little bit about history, mathematics, and psychology.

Since I’m there for the full week, but don’t have any speaking responsibilities beyond the keynote and one session on Android Persistence (with Jessica Kerr), I figured it’d be a good time to reach out to the community and offer up some time for consultation and meetings and such. We have a landing page on the Neudesic website that you can use to set something up. (Worst case, you can reach me through the usual channels, but I’m just going to point you towards Kelli Piepkow, who’s coordinating all that, so you’re best off going through the landing page. Besides, we’re giving away what sounds to be a pretty nice digital camera as part of the whole thing—don’t miss that.) So if you’ve got some technical questions (“What is MongoDB good for?” “How does Ruby/Rails stack up against ASP.NET MVC?” or things of that nature), or if you’re interested in finding out about getting us to do some work for you, let’s set something up.

And, of course, if you’re planning to be at CodeMash, remember that it’s being held at the (newly expanded!) Kalahari Resort, which includes an indoor waterslide park, so bring your swimsuit.

Hmm…. Maybe we can schedule some of those meetings in the Wave Cove.

See you there!