C-omega's Revenge: Project LINQ

For anybody who's not been paying attention to the technical news front, this week is Microsoft's PDC in LA, and one of the things they've announced for the next release of Visual Studio is Project LINQ, short for Language INtegrated Query. In essence, C# 3 and VB 9 are going to integrate (through a variety of language extensions, such as lambda expressions) query capabilities directly into the language, making much of the need for an automatted O/R mapping layer (such as Hibernate or JDO) a thing of the past (at least, in theory).

If you haven't had a look, check out Dion's or Ben's weblogs for details; there's also a paper coming out (by Don Box and Anders Hjalsberg) with the LINQ Preview bits that contains the best description of the language/tools I've seen thus far.