Build the JDK (on your Windows box)

Now, I own a Windows box (which runs VMWare, which runs three other Windows images and a Linux image, so perhaps it is fairer to say that I own lots of different virtual boxes but I still feel most at home in Windows), and I’ve tried to get the JDK (since version 1.3? 1.4? when they first introduced the SCSL licensed-source) to build under Windows on my own. Oh, I’ve managed to get pieces of it to build–most notably the VM–but I want the whole thing, lock-stock-and-barrel, so I can start doing some major spelunking across the entire JVM-and-related-libraries, and maybe even do a book on it.

Enter this page.  I haven’t tried it yet, but wow, talk about step-by-step. Have to give that a spin, maybe on a fresh VMWare image (just to avoid cluttering up the others).