Blog shifts

If you’ve been a long-time reader of this blog, you’ve seen me go through a few “pivots” over the last decade or two.

One thing I’ve wrestled with here is the degree to which I write about technology and the process of developing software, as opposed to the (up until now, much more muted) conversations about matters more personal and/or non-“professional”. There’s a lot of different things I’ve thought about writing in the past, and chose not to because… well, because they didn’t really fit with the professional branding I was going after.

With the rise of social media, I made a deliberate decision to be more of “myself” on Twitter (which turned a number of folks off, I’m sure, given that I’m not bashful about my thoughts on politics foreign and domestic) and keep LinkedIn “professional” (though that, too, is sorely being tested right now), and I’ve come to realize that it would help to have two different places where I can do more long-form writing.

Thus, was born, and that will be the home of all of my more “professional” thoughts. Many of the posts that have appeared here over the years will be copied over there, but I’m not planning to delete any of the posts here, just on the off-chance that somebody has one bookmarked still. (Hey, it could happen.)

Thus, will be more “personal” in nature, and although they will likely reference technology and software development as well, it’ll likely be more of a tangential connection, and/or much more speculative or raw.

If your feed reader is still capturing the blog here but all you want is the professional stuff, point it to . Otherwise… stay on this channel. :-)