Anybody know of a good WebDAV client library ...

... for Ruby, or PowerShell/.NET? I'm looking for something to make it easier to use WebDAV from a shell scripting language on Windows; Ruby and PowerShell are the two that come to mind as the easiest to use on Windows. For some reason, Google doesn't yield much by way of results, and I've got to believe there's better WebDAV support out there than what I'm finding.

(Yes, I could write one, but why bother, if one is out there that already exists? DRY!)

BTW, anybody who finds one and wants credit for it, I'll be happy to post here. If you're a commercial vendor and you send me a license to go with it, I'll post that, too, with some code and explanation on how I'm using it, though I doubt it's going to be all that different from how anybody else would use it. ;-)