An Appeal:

Long-time readers of this blog know that as a general rule, I try not to include much in the way of personal stuff here; I try (sometimes with more success than others) to keep the subject material focused on the technology space: Java, .NET, Ruby, languages, XML services, and so on.

This, however, is a deviation from that norm.

A near and dear friend of mine has asked that I help spread the word about the disappearance of a family member (a cousin, in fact). I don't know the details of the disappearance other than what anybody else can read on the website, but I do know that if someone in my family were to go missing for an inexplicable reason, I would want the help of anybody and everybody I knew to try and find them.

I would like to ask everyone's help in finding my brother John. He went missing January 28, 2008 and official search efforts were called off last Friday, even though the family has mounted their own search.   Please go to to see a picture of John and print off a flyer.   If you could put it in your car window or some other visible place, it would help us a lot.   It is possible that he could have traveled out of the area where he went missing, so we are trying to get the word out on a national level, to cover all possible scenarios.   Thank you all for your help.

Donna Jean Glasgow

February 6, 2008

If you reside near the Little Rock, Arkansas area in particular, please take a look at the photo below ...


... and let somebody (either me or through the above-mentioned website) know if you've seen him, one way or another.

I won't ask you to forward this to everyone you know; instead I just ask that if you feel a twinge of sympathy for a missing family member that's connected to you through less than two degrees of separation, then do what you think would help.

Thanks for your time.