A well-done "movie trailer"

The JavaZone conference has just become one of my favorite conferences, EVAH. Check out this trailer they put together, entitled "Java 4-Ever". Yes, Microsofties, you should watch, too. Just leave off the evangelism for a moment and enjoy the humor of it. You've had your own fun over the years, too, or need I remind you of the Matrix video with Gates and Ballmer and the blue pill/red pill? ;-)

This video brings several things to mind:

  • Wow, that's well done. And take heed, the "R" rating at the front of the trailer is actually pretty serious. NSFW.
  • I remember speaking at JavaZone a half-dozen years ago, and remember it fondly. Which reminds me, I need to get back there before long. I missed NDC this year, and I need my Oslo on before long.
  • Whatever happened to Microsoft marketing? They used to do things like this on a more regular basis, but it seems they've been silent over the past few years. C'mon back, guys! The water's fine!

Oh, and by the way, pay absolutely no attention to most of the comments that appeared on the trailer pageā€”most of them are ridiculous and stupid. (To the .NET advocate who said that ".NET doesn't use a virtual machine", you're the biggest idiot of the lot.)