A Time for a Change

I've had The Blog Ride up for almost two years now, and it seems the latest fad to change your blog title to match whatever your particular focus is at the moment. Given my tech predictions for 2007, and how I believe that interoperability is going to become a Big Deal (well, I guess in one sense it was already, but now I think it's going to become a Bigger Deal), and that hey, this is my schtick anyway, I've decided to rename the blog from "The Blog Ride" (which was kinda a lame name to begin with) to ...

Truth be told, I thought about squatting on Jason Whittington's old blog title ("Managed Space"), given that a lot of where my focus centers these days is around managed environments (Java and .NET, principally), but I didn't like that idea because (a) it was his idea first, and I don't like "me-too" kinds of faked creativity, and (b) I do a lot more than just managed code, so...

Welcome to "Interoperability Happens".

One of the things I've set as a resolution for the new year is to post some concrete interoperability tips (very similar to the ones I'd been posting to TechTarget's "tssblog" site) ranging on all sorts of interop topics from XML services, to using the proprietary communication toolkits, to using IKVM, to some concrete examples (authenticating from Java against a Microsoft Active Directory or ADAM service, hosting Workflow inside of Spring, or writing Office Action Panes that talk to Java back-end servers, and so on) of interoperability "in the field". I won't promise that I'll have a new one up every other week or so, but that's the goal. And the interop hopefully won't be limited to just Java and .NET; I plan to start exploring the Java/Ruby and .NET/Ruby interop space, as well as other pairings (Python, Tcl, maybe a few other languages or environments, like perhaps Parrot) that appeal to me. (That said, I've got a list of about 20 or 30 or so topics on just Java/.NET, so any delays or significant pauses aren't for lack of material or ideas.)

And if there's any particular interoperability topic or question you've got, you know how to reach me.

Catch ya around in 2007.