Parrot interoperability

Dion blogged about $g(Parrot) a while back, and it triggered an interesting thought: we already have IKVM, a JVM-running-on-the-CLR, is it possible and/or practical to do a Parrot-running-on-the-CLR or Parrot-running-on-the-JVM? That would do some interesting kinds of interoperability scenarios between Parrot's targeted dynamic languages and the library-rich platforms of Java and .NET....

Recommended Reading List (old version)

(Note that this is a reprint, so to speak, of the same entry on the old weblog, but I wanted to kick the Reading category off with a reprise of what I’d written before.) I’ve been asked on several occasions (from students, from blog readers, and from a few friends who happen to be in the business) what my recommended reading list is. I’ve never really put one together formally, instead just sort of relying on impromptu answers that cover some of my absolute favorites and a few that just leap to mind at the time.

Rails... finis?

Well, apparently I've created quite a stir in the blogspace by not immediately rushing to embrace Ruby-on-Rails, and I'm of two minds as to the larger impact. For starters, allow me to respond, one last time, to what Justin and Dion and Glenn have written: "Pretty clearly, Rails' biggest benefit is Ruby itself. ... Dynamic languages like Ruby provide for eloquence of expression and compile-/run-/deploy-time extension of the core framework abstractions.

More on Rails

It appears that a couple of my so-called friends are expressing surprise(?) or condemnation(?) over the fact that I didn’t fall under the spell of Ruby-on-Rails at the $NFJS Austin show. As the great comic Steve Martin used to say, “Well excuuuuuuuse me!” :-) Dion first takes a couple of cheap shots: Firstly, you can’t say much for Ted wrt taste… I mean he is running that .NET blog software now ;) Dude, you have NO idea how much simpler and easier my life is now thanks to dasBlog.

NFJS Austin, and Rails

So I’m in the Austin area this weekend, for yet another NFJS show, except this time I actually had time in the schedule to attend the Friday night talks. (Normally I’m too busy traveling to be here on Friday–I typically need the Friday night timeframe to actually get here, which probably explains why my Saturday morning talks are always a crap shoot.) Part of my reason for wanting to be here early was a desire to see more of Dave Thomas’ talks, and in particular, I wanted to get more of the Ruby and Rails Religion that seems to be infesting… er, maybe I should say “spreading like wildfire” instead… my friends in the speaker crowd.

Starting a new weblog

With this entry, I inaugurate a new weblog, this one devoted to technical issues of all walks and shapes, including but not limited to Java, .NET, C/C++, and Web services, but with a smattering of Ruby, Python, SQL, and just about anything else that happens to cross my path. Some may wonder why the separation, considering I already had a weblog that a lot of people were subscribed to. The reasons are pretty simple, when you look at it: A vocal, anonymous collection(?) of people complained about the fact that I was talking about .NET issues and people, yet the blog was subscribed to JavaBlogs.